Child Centered Art Party #7

Is everyone getting ready for summer?  I sure am.  I can't wait for my oldest to be home playing with us all day!

The three categories this week for the winners are:  -- #1 most child centered, #2 most unique and #3 What I am doing tomorrow

#1 Most Child Centered
Hands on as we Grow
Window Paint Creations
#2 Most unique
Paint On The Ceiling
Painted Toast
#3 What I am doing tomorrow
Putti Prapancha
Painting with cut Straws

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Now onto the Party!

How to play:

1.) Follow my blog or like me on facebook or twitter!

2.) Grab my Child Centered Art button and place it somewhere on your blog so you can link back to me.

Link Party Thursdays
3.)  Link (directly from your post) as many child centered art activities that you want to share. (These are not adult directed activities like worksheets or anything that requires the children follow a formula) By linking you give permission for me to post a picture and a link back to your blog.  

4.) Look at the other ideas linked here and comment on the person before and after your entry.

Thanks for playing.  Each week I will chose different criteria for what will win the following week.  To make it fair I will do a random criteria every time and I will have it in mind before posting.  Most likely child centered will always be a criteria!

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  1. Thanks for featuring our painted toast. It really is a great activity for all ages!


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