Cut Straw Art

Last week Putti Prapancha shared at my link party a way to paint with cut straws.  I thought it looked like so much fun and so easy so we had to give it a try.
First I set everything up and told the kids to smile so I could tell them the rules.  Then I told them that there wasn't any rules.  I told them this was the stuff they got to use for art today and to do what they wanted with it.  This picture doesn't show that I had cut the straws into star or flower shapes before telling them the rules.
It was funny to see the reactions of my different kids.  My two year old right away picked up the straw and started exploring.  Very slowly at first to test the waters and then faster and faster as she saw how fun it was.
My five year old giggled and said he didn't get it.  I just sat there.  Then he looked at his sister going to town to get some ideas.
Her first stroke
James then started dipping his in paint and just looking at it.  He seemed so hesitant to do it wrong and had to really figure it out.  He kept saying, I don't get what to do.  I just said that there was no right or wrong way to do it.
Grace amazed me how fast and brilliantly she worked
James just kept mixing the colors on the straw never actually putting any paint on the picture
Grace declared she was done and James still hadn't tried anything much
After Grace finished one, James wanted to do something more, but was mad he mixed his colors so I gave him some fresh paint and he started finally putting some of it on paper.  
I love the inhibition of a two year old.  We all need to get back to the way they learn.
interesting the textures it creates.
James then started blowing in the straws and saw what happened to the paint when he did it.
Final Projects
"A Clue"
by Grace -- at one point she made a mark that to her looked like a "blue's clue" and declared "A clue, a clue!"
by Grace
by James
"Racing thoughts"
by Laura
The kids left so much paint that I started exploring before cleaning up.  It was wonderful.  I found it fun to twist the straw and make spinning type art. 


  1. so creative! where do you come up with this stuff at? yours reminds me a bit of a van gogh. i don't know if you do linky parties or not. but i'm having a tip-toe thru tuesday party. i would love it if you would link this up! xx andie

  2. We are dying to try this, and I also love to do my own art with what ever is left over!

  3. The children seem to really be enjoying themselves. They are too cute!
    My "baby" just graduated from her middle school two days ago. I'm having trouble with the idea of having a son and daughter in high school in fall. They were just like yours "yesterday."
    I'm a new follower on GFC. Hope you'll hop by and see my project:

  4. This is so cute! My little boy will love this! We are definitely going to try! Thanks for sharing!


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