Dry Erase Board

When we first moved into our home here in Pittsburgh, I bought two dry erase boards.  I wanted one to be an area where I could keep track of things and write my lists.  I wanted the other to be for the kids.  I hung the kids board very low to the ground so it is easily used by all the children.  The kids like to pretend to play school, write me letters, and draw pictures.  This is a great way to incorporate art in the home everyday!

One idea I saw on the artful parent blog that I was able to use with this board was drawing photo frames for the kids to draw a picture inside of.  If you use a vis-a-vis marker on the board it won't easily erase.  They are wet erase markers sold in the same area of store as the dry erase markers.  I drew on a photo frame and within minute I had three children begging to use the board.  If you have a board already hung in your house and you find your children aren't using it, try drawing a nice photo frame and just see what happens!


  1. This really is a good idea! I used to have one that hung on the fridge, and I'm not sure what happened to it after we moved. I've never been too excited to have a lot on my fridge, especially the front. But because we have such a small living space, it makes sense to utilize it. I just got out some letter magnets out and the boys have been loving it. Maybe I'll find a dry erase board for them :)

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