Oil pastel: art placement

Art placement is a way that I get my kids to do more child directed artwork.  What you do is drop a project down on a table without your child seeing and then wait for them to discover and start creating.  It is a great way to encourage creativity and help your children do art for them and not a project that will please an adult.  You can place five pieces of paper, scissors and glue down to see what they do, you can put down just one crayon and one piece of paper, or any number of things such as this.

The other day I placed our oil pastels and two pieces of paper on our art table and walked away.  I didn't have to say anything.  Within a few minutes this was the scene at the art table.

About ten - twenty minutes later
Try this yourself.  I would love to see what your children come up with.  If you do this be sure to let me know so I can read all about it.  I am going to start a Thursday link party for child centered art because I would love to find more ideas for how to do art through child centered learning.  I love all the ideas out there of art to do with children, but I want to see more art that is child centered and not adult directed.  The challenge for this week  is to do an art placement in your home and link to my party this Thursday!


  1. YAY love it! I'll be trying that soon. New Follower =]

  2. AWESOME! I'm game. I haven't done this much yet, because I have a toddler who will still draw on the walls and furniture if I'm not watching, so I'll still have to keep a close eye. But I'm going to try it! Thanks for the inspiration!


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