Easel Art

I finally made it out to Ikea to buy an easel for my daughter (a birthday present from my mom.)  Wish I could have gotten it sooner because my kids have already in one day had so much fun with it.  My littlest went right for the markers and paper side when it was set up and started drawing with big swift motions.  This is something she has never done.  Her arms moves so swiftly and in big circles and long lines!  It was fun and she loved it.  My son went right for the chalk side.  We have never had a chalk board and I think seeing the colors on the black was exciting for him.  My elementary age daughter came home from school, saw the easel, and went right to work teaching the other kids everything she learned in school that day.  It was fun to see the three go to town on their new toy that will inspire many more days of child directed art in our home!

I have loved how she keeps drawing then stands back and looks at what she did saying, "I did it!"
Future teacher


  1. Ohh I remember when I was little I had an easel, and boy did I LOVE that thing! I felt so big and important when doing my art on it, like a real artist. Thanks for sharing, I can tell your daughter loves it just like I did.

  2. Love that your kids are enjoying the easel! We have the same one and chalkboard is the most used at our home. My daughter loves to paint with water on chalkboard:))

  3. Oh your easel looks lots of fun. We don't really have the space for one, but maybe I should set something "Make shift"up every so often, so they can have free reign!!

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  4. Love the easel! I've thought about getting one for the boys. I've never been to Ikea, but think I have to soon because they need a dresser. I totally see Ally as a teacher someday...


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