Project Fail

So not all projects always work.  This one made a big mess fast!  We got a delivery and when I opened the box this is what we found:

My son was delighted.  He started playing in the packing peanuts right away.  I knew it would make a mess so I stopped him and tried to make it more constructive.  I got out glue and paper and gave him a few noodles to start working with.  

It was soon apparent that this was going to not work (glue didn't seem to stick it well enough to the paper.) And a huge mess was in the works as my daughter started crumpling them up into teeny tiny pieces.  

Once you start working with them they get full of static and stick to your hands, clothes, and everything!  Grace hated this and so did I.
I quickly tried to put the peanuts in garbage bags to help the kitchen from becoming a war zone. 

 Now I am in search for ideas to do something with the peanuts.  

Unfortunately these aren't the cornstarch ones which I am finding are super fun to do art with.  What would you do with two bags of packing peanuts? 


  1. honestly? i'd toss them. i made this mistake too. (mentioned here: http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com/2011/04/on-hunt.html) they don't seem to be good for too much either than making a mess :P do you have any glass figurines, knick-knacks you could repack using them? good luck! andiejaye@ http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com

  2. I've heard of sticking them together too - but I think they have to be the 'organic' ones? Not sure... I've been wanting to try to do SOMETHING with packing peanuts for a long time, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  3. I've heard of making those I Spy pillows...I'm sure if you did a little looking you could find them in blogland, but I don't have a link handy. Anyways basically you make a pillow with a window of see through fabric, and you have a variety of small toys that kids have to manipulate the pillow in order to find. You have to use filler in the pillow to hide the small toys, I've heard of beans, beads, and other things like that, but I think your packing peanuts would be perfect for a few I Spy Pillows! I'll try to find a good tutorial and send you a link cause I know my explanation is sorely lacking. Hope this helps. I know I hate throwing things away, even if everyone else thinks it is trash cause I'm SURE I'll come up with something to do with it.

  4. http://rosie-baby-crafty.blogspot.com/2007/08/i-spy-bags.html

    She uses small pellets, but I feel like if you just made a larger pillow, the packing peanuts would work just fine.


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