Scribble art = masterpiece

I really like modern art.  I find it interesting and intriguing.  Pablo Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  Maybe that is why modern art is so cool to me. It is hard to think like a child once you grow up.  

My middle child, who still scribbles on occasion, has started making fun of my babies artwork.  He always is saying, "Grace just scribbles."  I have tried to tell him that she is learning and that I actually think the scribbles are beautiful, but he is insistent that her artwork has no place for our walls and such.  We got the book "Ish" by Peter Reynolds to help him understand that art doesn't have to look like something all the time.  
It is a cute story about a little boy who is drawing a picture of a flower.  His older brother looks over his shoulder as he is drawing and makes fun of his efforts.  He keeps trying and trying to make it better, but keeps throwing his work away.  Then he finally gives up only to find his little sister has been getting all of his work and putting it on her walls in her room.  He wonders why she likes his art when it doesn't look like a flower.  She says it is "flowerish".  Then he learns to draw things the way he can and realizes it is ok to have them look _____ish!  It was cute.  I think I got the point more than James, but he might come around.

Another way to make your babies scribbles look better is by taping a border onto the artwork.  I have artists tape that I use, but I am sure just masking tape or painter's tape would work too.  It is best to do this on thicker paper so it doesn't rip during the last step.  

1st: put a nice border of tape on all four sides of a piece of paper.
It is hard to see since the paper, tape and table are all white.  Just be sure to tape off all the area you want to stay white.

2.  Let your child create.
beautiful yellow markings
3. Make sure they are finished.  I almost took Grace's away with just the yellow.  I thought it was done and pretty, but she was not done and I am glad I waited a little while.
5 minutes later
4.  Now take off all the tape to reveal a nice border.  Now doesn't it look like a masterpiece worthy of the wall?


  1. lovely idea and i love the book 'ish'!

  2. I love that idea! I am going to try that tomorrow with Lucy

  3. My three yr old loves to scribble a lot, infact thats her one of her favorite quiet time activities:) We love the book 'ish' too!!

  4. Oh my! Her picture is beautiful! I think scribbles are the best kind of art!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Beautiful way to get a masterpiece - let her play and create - and have something in the end to display :)

  6. That looks really great! I love this!


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