Father's Day Paper Weight

I follow a blog about dollar crafts called Dollar Store Crafts.  Recently they shared an idea from Crafts by Amanda about a paper weight fathers day gift.

This weekend we were able to use that idea to make a father's day gift for our dad as well as Grandpa.  The instructions are found here if you want to do this yourself.

First we gathered rocks from our yard.
Then we made the dough, rolled it, and flattened it right onto the cookie sheet.
I made the letters for my kids to follow with their rocks to be sure the letters were big enough and fit in the space.  I wanted to be sure the project turned out readable so I did some of the work for them in this respect.  For our grandpa we made one that said simply "You Rock" since there isn't really room for "Grandpa Rocks."

Then we baked our dough creations.

Simple and Easy


  1. Great idea, Laura! Wanted to tell you also that I finally figured out how to add your button to my blog.:) Thanks for your help!

  2. That idea rocks ;) !! Love it, may have to copy it..

  3. These are fantastic! I'm always looking for ideas to do with my son, so I'm excited to have found your blog!


  4. So sweet! I bet Papa will love them!

  5. What a rocking idea! Love it. And I like the whole process of the kids collecting pebbles and coming back to put it all together...
    Thanks for participating in my Forest Fiesta. Eager to see what your kidoos come up with :)

  6. Now what Dad wouldn't want one of these? Thanks for sharing with us all on the It's Playtime link up.

  7. You rock guys this is cool for fathers day special on june 19 thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.


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