Foam Window Art

Did you know that foam sticks on windows when it is wet?  I didn't until I read it here.  I had to copy.  This project went very well except my 7 year old was distraught about not being able to cut the pieces to her liking.  I wanted to have them use it more as a geometric art project.  After fighting with her over it for a few minutes I took a step back and thought about how I am all for doing art the way a kid wants to not the way a parent wants it to be done and I handed her over the scissors.
I thought it out, but not as well as I thought I had.  I wanted to have the entire page of foam be used so I made it into different geometric shapes.  What I didn't do was have things be to scale.  Next time I will make it so the triangle is equal-lateral and fits to the squares.   Other than that this worked.  To cut through twelve pieces of foam at a time I used a sharp knife and cutting board.  Again, this was good intentioned but hard.  I just wanted to get through all twelve pages at the same time.
Grace was my first to really want to do the art.  And so it is that my two year old is the only one still not afraid of doing something wrong.
James soon caught the bug

ally finally started once she got to do it her way

Ally's finished project out of focus

James' finished project with bad lighting
Grace's finished product -- I didn't even realize she got into the markers until I came into the room to take final pictures of what the kids had done.  What an artist she is becoming!


  1. I have to pick up some of that foam at the dollar store. That looks like a fun and mess free activity, but I'm sure my girls would want to cut their own peices too.

  2. what a great idea....i know what i will be doing with my kids on monday!!!!!

  3. We did this in the bath tub . I like it on the windows/doors very good idea.

  4. You are just flowing with ideas. I love it...I think my kids will love you more. ;)

  5. we finally did this! just wanted to let you know that i'll be doing a post on this on 2-1 with one of your pics and a link! let me know if that's not okay!


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