Child Centered Art Party #12

I loved all the entries last week in the blog party.  Can't wait to see what you all come up with this week!
And the awards go to....

#1 Most Child Centered
The Joy of Constructing
by Mommy  Labs
#2 What I am doing later today
Layered forest
by Uber Savvy Buzzword
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Now onto the Party!

How to play:

1.) Follow my blog or like me on facebook or twitter!

2.) Grab my Child Centered Art button and place it anywhere on your blog so you can link back to me.  Or link to me in your blog roll.  Whatever works for you.

Link Party Thursdays
3.)  Link (directly from your post) as many child centered art activities that you want to share. By linking you give permission for me to post a picture and a link back to your blog.  

4.) Look at the other ideas linked here and comment on the person before and after your entry.

Thanks for playing.  Each week I will share some of my favorite projects on facebook.  Then, I will chose one project I want to do myself and generally do a post about us doing it and link back to you.  I also chose the most child oriented art project.  Child oriented art is about the process not the product.  It never has things that are cut here and paste here type work.  It is the type of art that is most beneficial for children and the focus of my blog.  Although we all do adult directed art from time to time, this link party is more about child directed art.

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  1. Dear Laura,
    Thank you so very much for featuring Pari's fairy castle. :)

    I am so glad you liked it as the most child-centred art activity. It indeed was, for, she used those boxes as canvases to paint on as per her will and then constructed freely..! The castle toppled couple of times and then she put them back on learning the element of 'balance' and 'proportion' in the process.

    I loved the many-layered forest. So full of textures and colours...

    Thank you, dear, for hosting this link-up and providing us an opportunity to share and be inspired.

  2. I added your button to the blog post as well as on the 'featured' page here:

  3. thanks for hosting! i think that this is the first time i've linked up to this... i know mine isn't necessarily art, but it is child-centered and my little guy had a blast! ((and used his creativity!)) hope you're well :)

  4. Thanks for featuring the Forest Artworks. I look forward to seeing what you do with it too. I think it is important in International Year of the forest to spread the word about how precious our forests are!Thanks again! Lynda

  5. These art projects look fantastic! We haven't been very artsy lately, but we'll be back to join you once we are!


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