Sidewalk Paint

At the beginning of summer, I bought sidewalk paint.  We just haven't taken the time to actually use it.  One of the great things about this sidewalk paint was that it only came in yellow, blue, and red.  The kids actually did a lot of color mixing.  They each made some green, purple, and orange paint to add to the other paint.  They actually spent most of their time mixing instead of painting.

I wanted to see them do some actual painting and asked them to paint me a picture.  Ally in frustration said, "I don't ever know what to draw."  It was a great learning opportunity for her and me.  I told her that all artists draw from their life, from things they see that move or inspire them.  I told her to look around and paint what she loves or what she thinks is beautiful.

final project

what inspired her
It was fun to watch her study the flowers she chose to paint.  She mixed the yellow and blue trying to get the exact green she saw on the flowers.  It was really fun to watch.  She became a very dedicated artist this day!

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  1. what a fun project- those yellow flowers are perfect- they look so similar.

  2. That turned out great! Thanks for sharing this on TSS!

  3. Such a fun activity! We make homemade sidewalk paint often, and my girls never get tired of creating with it.


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