Things I know -- only boring people get bored

This is my 7 year old at her second soccer game.  She spent most of the game looking at this line and walking along it.  Half the time she wasn't paying attention to the game.  She often was facing the wrong way and she rarely cared.  She was playing defense.  Her team was doing pretty good so the ball was always at the other goal.  I know she got bored, but this little girl doesn't really get bored.  She is prone to just wandering off in her own world and doing her own thing.  If something is boring to her she finds something else to do with her mind.  I know this line made the game wonderful to her.  At one point she was down right next to it studying it.  Wondering how the grass got white.

I remember as a child saying I was bored a lot.  My dad always responded by saying, "only boring people get bored."  

What do you think about this saying?  

I know this is true.  If you are bored then find something to think about, something to study, something to explore.    I know that I am going to become just like my dad and if my kids ever say they are bored, I will say:

"I know only boring people get bored"

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  1. I haven't used that phrase, but I think I'll start. When my oldest tells me she's bored I tell her it's up to her to fix it. I love it when my kids tell me I'm a boring mom and that we never do anything :-))

  2. I havent heard that phrase before! Luckily my kids are still so little they dont use that I'm bored phrase yet!

  3. I think 'Uncle Pete' was right! Hey...if you're not into the game, that white line would be pretty fascinating :] Great blog post Laura!

  4. yes I must say I agree with the statement. There is no excuse for boredom, especially in today's day and age

  5. love that quote. she looks so deep in concentration... a lil contemplater! such a doll!


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