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I decided to make my Fridays post be more about me.  I really like a series over at Yay for Home! called things I know.  I am linking up there and going to post on Fridays about the things I know.  You can join along to and be a know-it-all yourself.  

Things I know:

I know that if sleep deprived enough kids can fall asleep anywhere
What I don't know is when to stop having kids take naps.  My older two both stopped at two and it was all my doing.  I had a hard time getting them to go to bed at our 8:00 pm bed time.  It is very important to me that they do fall asleep at that time.  My husband goes to bed super early too so if we are to get any time together I need the kids in bed.  Also my sanity wears thin around 6 pm so bedtimes are strict in my household.  They both did fine stopping naps.  They were grumpy for about a week and then they were good to go.  They never fell asleep in strange places. I do know that if they still fall asleep in the car or doing something that they still need naps.

I tried to stop giving my youngest a nap a few months ago. Around 2:00 every afternoon I just know she needs a nap and I give her one, but some days are hit or miss.  If she doesn't get grumpy, I don't give her a nap.  I know the inconsistency is making her have a hard time.  She is starting to resist the nap times.  "no nappy, " she says.  Sometimes I have to lay with her to get her to go to sleep and then I ultimately get a good nap too.  

I have a friend who gives her kids naps up until they go to school and they do fall asleep.  I have other friends who have a mandatory rest time with books and such.  My kids seem so hard to get to just sit in their beds.  They would rather whine and scream than look at a book when told to (if not told to they look at books often.)  I generally opt for a rest time in front of the television.  I know that your mind is basically in sleep mode when you do watch television so it couldn't be that bad.  Right?  I know I use television as a crutch too often, but is it really as evil as we all say?

What do you know? or think you know? or don't know at all?
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  1. Glad that you are talking about naps. I thought my son was done with naps a while back, and was worried when he started preschool that he may be disruptive during their naptime. I was dead wrong. He sleeps that naptime away every day. I still cant get him to take a nap when he is home though. His teacher told us that kids his age(4) need about 12 hours of sleep a day. He is getting 10-12, depending on if he naps that day or not. Of course, I'm no expert, but I think as long as the kids are getting enough hours of sleep, and not getting too grumpy during the day without a nap, they are good to go.

  2. I'm in the same stage as you. We skip naps from time to time - but if I skip two days in a row, he's super cranky at super time. So we try to steer clear of that.

    And, the most recent study I've heard about TV is that it really doesn't affect anything. Its what they see you doing that does. The TV doesn't matter. but if you sit and watch TV all the time, then that's what they'll become. It doesn't just automatically make them stupid. Just my two cents. :D

  3. My daughter stopped naps at exactly 2 1/2 years. For two months, I tried fruitlessly to enforce a quiet time or reading in her room to no avail. After that, I gave myself the present of allowing her to watch an hour of TV in the afternoon. I needed that time to myself and the TV hour gives me that. I'm not so sure she needs the TV chill time, but I don't think an hour is hurting her especially when it gives me time to recharge and be better mother the second half of the day.

  4. All my kids have gradually grown out of naps, my youngest refused to take naps starting before she even turned two. I tried to run an errand in the afternoons so she could fall asleep. If I didn't have any errands to run, I'd try to get her to watch TV, but sometimes that only lasted for 15 minutes. Those methods usually don't work anymore so some days she crashes wherever she is playing, other days she doesn't. I've just become more relaxed about it since she's the third child.

    My first and second kids both had a definite quiet time when they began refusing the nap(they usually just watched TV). There was really no other way they would stay quiet. I think having them watch TV for quiet time is a small price to pay for a mother's sanity.

  5. Thanks for joining in!

    I know a late nap is the death to my evening!


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