Getting out of an Artistic Rut

Have you ever said, "If I could now just get off pinterest and start doing something creative!"  I hear it all the time.  So many blogs, magazines, books and other resources that help us with creativity actually can hinder it as well.

Here is a list of 10 ideas to get you out of an artistic rut and onto creating with your kids:

1.  Get Out 

Join an art group or class.  My local library has art classes all the time for both kids and adults.  Getting out of the house and doing art is a great cure for a rut.

2.  Have Company Over 

If you can't join them, be them.  Invite some friends over for an art play date.  Just taking the step to invite someone over will force you to get an idea going and accomplished.

3.  Turn it Off

Stop reading blogs (when you are done with this post of course), put the magazines away, and save pinterest for another day.  You have seen hundreds of ideas this month that you want to do.  Turn it off and DO IT!

4.  Go Shopping.

Go to the dollar, discount, or thrift store and wander the isles.  I did this just today and bought three things for creating.  My dollar store has an art area full of picture frames, wreaths ready to be added to, and all sorts of art supplies.  I even found some fun ideas in the dog isle.  The teachers area is a good place to go as well.  Think outside the box when you go to a thrift store.  Turning something used into something wonderful is very satisfying.

5.  Think smaller

If you are always focused on a project that will take all day and you just don't have the time to do it you may decide to do nothing at all.  Instead just get some crayons out and start coloring or find textures.  No need to do some huge crafty highly inventive idea everyday.  Crayons can be way stimulating and cure a rut in a heartbeat.

6.  Turn on the music

 I find that if I don't want to clean the house, make dinner, or do dishes that I just need to turn on the music and I get going.  If doing something creative with your kids is causing you to dread the next hour, turn the music on and see if you enjoy the art project even more.

7.  Block out time

If doing art every day is important to you set it in as something you do everyday.  Make time for it.  I am going to start dedicating the hour of 1-2 to art time in my home.  Maybe you want to do art once a week.  Set that day and time out on the calendar for that time and keep to it.

8. Set It Up

My older children are very good at just creating on their own.  They sometimes just need a little nudge.  I find if I just set it up for them they will go at it.  I am planning on having different art supplies on our table everyday when they return from school.  They will see it and it will invite them in.  I won't have to do a thing and I can guarantee art will be produced.  You can also put a message or a prompt on your blackboard or dry erase board and see what happens.  Draw a picture frame on the chalkboard and see if they fill it with art.  My bet is that they will.  Draw some shapes on the board and ask them what they can make with the shapes.

9. Read a Book

I love art ideas that come from children's books.  Read a book to your kids and have them help you come up with ideas for either reproducing the art in the book or making art to represent the book.  I loved when we did this with one of my favorite books called Mouse Paint.

10. Show your stuff

Share your ideas with others.  If you have a blog, share it there even if the blog isn't about art.  If you don't have a blog send the idea to me with your pictures and what you did. I would love to share ideas from non bloggers on my blog.  Send a picture of what you did to grandma and grandpa, post it on facebook, or take a picture of it with your phone and send it to dad.  You can also have your child enter a competition at the fair or school.   I think framing your art and hanging it on the walls is very exciting.  Do whatever you can to help you value your art and your child's art more.

Now off you go.  Enjoy some art with your kids today!

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  1. Great list! It's so encouraging and inspiring to meet creative moms, thanks.

  2. love it! Just do it! That's my kind of thing :)

  3. you're just brilliant....and super inspiring :]

  4. #3, #5 and #9 - I totally related!
    Great ideas, friend.
    As far as #2 is concerned, I would LOVE to have you over :)


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