Day 3: Building with Blocks and Duplo

Playing with Blocks and Duplo
When you have your last baby things kind of slide.  You don't care what they wear.  You forget to change diapers, heck you forget to take a diaper with you when you go anywhere.  You don't worry about them being the smartest or knowing how to walk, talk, eat, sing, etc. sooner than their friends.  Life is a little bliss.  You let your child be and learn and grow on their own and in their own way.  You also forget that they are not the same as their siblings in some ways.  Grace plays with the toys her brother and sister play with.  James (5) and Ally (7) long ago graduated from the duplo blocks to legos.  And they are in love with their legos.  We do a lot of legos around our house.  In the meantime the duplo have been gathering dust.  This challenge was great for Grace and I.  We sat down on the floor together and I being the right brained individual I am had to start by sorting them into groups.  
Duplo Play

Grace started building right away.  Her eye hand coordination awesome might I add.  

Duplo Play

Then we built a tower together.  I took pictures of both of us (which I never do.)  Grace got a little surprised by the auto camera and checked that out for a time.

Duplo Play

 After the novelty of the auto camera wore off we were back to building.  

Duplo Play Duplo Play Duplo Play

What a great way to spend some time with a toddler.  (hopefully I will get better at the remote on my camera and you won't see my hand with it anymore.oops.)

Do you get down on the floor with your toddler?  Do they like you playing with them?  Do you find you direct the play too much when you join in?

I find for me I tend to direct the play too much.  That is one of the reasons why I don't get down and play with them.  I like them to direct themselves and learn through what and how they interact with their toys.  I did read once in a parenting book about the importance of getting down on the floor with your kids and playing with them.  I get bored just watching so I find I get in a take over and play.  It is fun and a great way to be there with your kids in the moment.  This really only took us 15 minutes to play.  I think doing it once a day is awesome and I am glad for the challenge to do it for 30 days.  I hope it keeps us in a good habits.

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  1. I need to do more playtime one on one with Mina. Usually it's her and her sisters, this looks like fun.


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