Coffee Filter Banner

Coffee filter banner
How many alternate uses are there for coffee filters? A google search of coffee filter craft brings up 1,680,000 pictures of crafts you can do with a coffee filters.  This month at Art For Little Hands we are doing several art projects using the medium of a coffee filter.  One of those projects we worked on this last week was a coffee filter banner.  This is such a simple and easy way to dress your house up for any occasion.  I love that anyone can take part in this art project.  As long as someone can hold a marker they can take pride in the final results.

For this art project you will need:
1. coffee filters
2. markers: we used both bingo dot markers and crayola washable markers
3. a long piece of string, ribbon, or thread
4. glue

At Art For Little Hands, we like to do art that is more open ended.  The only thing I told my children they should do was try to make their art look like Christmas.  After folding the coffee filter one time in half, I let the children create.
Coffee filter banner Coffee filter banner Coffee filter banner
After each child had made about three or more coffee filter art pieces, I then glued the filter onto a long piece of wrapping ribbon using my two year old as a helper.
Coffee filter banner

The banner is now an inviting part of our Christmas decor and the kids feel proud that their art work is on display!
Coffee filter banner

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