Are you tired of the winter weather?  We sure are.  I call these kind of grey winter ugly days, GAK days.  A GAK day is a day where you just need something to mix and mold and play with to get your mind off the fact that we are only halfway through winter.  

To make Gak you need:

8 oz bottle of elmers glue
1/3 teas of borax (found in the laundry section of your grocery)  

Mix 8 oz elmers glue with 8 oz water.  Then in a separate bowl mix 1/3 teas borax into a half a cup of water (add food coloring to this if you want).  When that is all mixed poor the borax concoction with the elmers glue concoction and keep mixing.  You have to get your hands into it at this point and mix and mix.  If it is too slimy keep mixing and mixing and eventually it gets better.  

Then just give the concoction to your child and let them go to town.  You can give them tools to look at and see what they do.  You can also provide some markers (that will get ruined sometimes by writing on the gak.)  Just sit back and see what they do.  If you show them how to play with it you take away the fun.  

Remember the last time we did Gak?  She was so little.  It was the best way to learn to use those scissors however!  Made me miss the art blog so I may be back.

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  1. We LOVE Gak! We did it in the summer with a big group of girls and it was a big hit.


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