Chalk for sports

We really enjoy doing chalk outside.  We don't really have a driveway that can be drawn upon so we have found our wall in the back yard to be perfect for chalk drawing.  The other day I had an idea for how to use the wall, chalk, and a little art to help my daughter in her soccer practice.  

After telling my daughter the idea she got to work.  First she drew a goal with a goalie girl in the middle.  

Then she went to work practicing.  We did several drills for about 30 min. using this goal.  Doing what we call tick tocks, then shooting at the goal.  Doing what we call tippy toes then again shooting at the goal.  The best part is the ball comes back to you for easy set up to do again.  Better than a goal you can buy in the store.  She improved lots in that 30 min. and it was fun.  Art can be used in everything!!  Now to think of other fun things like this to do with the wall.  Nerf shooting practice maybe?  

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