The Day The Babies Crawled Away

My cousins wife, Rachel, at Today's Momma, recently posted about her favorite children's books.  One of her book suggestions was  The Day the Babies Crawled Away.  

Soon after reading the book and being fascinated by the pictures my children had the brilliant idea of making some of their own pictures like artist Peggy Rathmann.  

Peggy Rathmann used the silhouettes that the setting sun can create in all her art work throughout the book.  As the sun changes the color changes a little creating a vibrant happy feeling despite the trouble that the babies are getting into in the story.  Here are a couple images from the book that inspired us: 

As we started my kids wanted to make their pictures into bookmarks so we cut our watercolor paper down to bookmark size.  Then using watercolors and watercolor pencils we painted a sunset on our entire canvas.

After allowing the watercolors to dry James and I used black sharpie markers to create our silhouettes.  Ally preferred using a brown oil pastel crayon instead to create her silhouette.  
James' cliff
Ally's treehouse
Laura's fall scene with Ally, James, and Grace as subject matters

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  1. I'm so happy you are putting all your creativity together in this blog! What a great idea, as usual :) The boys will love looking at all your creations, and hopefully be inspired to try it out themselves.

  2. you are so talented and creative!

  3. What a fun idea! My kids would love to do that. I'd better read them the book first!

  4. Love it! What a great idea! You should frame yours for the toy room or somewhere else that you can always see it. You're very talented!

  5. Wow, i love your pictures laura, and it looks like the kids had a lot of fun!

  6. that book looks really neat with the colorful background and the dark silhouettes. off to see if my library has this!

  7. What a wonderful craft! I love the book too.

    Thank you for linking up to Read.Explore.Learn.

    This post counts as a entry in my Summer Reading Challenge-June edition.

  8. WOW, Laura - you are such a talented artist. Loved your fall scene with the kiddos in the background.

    And, what a fun activity this is for the children. No wonder they had so much fun!

  9. we're going to have to check out this book! yours is amazing! do you have it hanging up somewhere?


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