Story Writing

We circled the word lake because she was learning to read and I had her try to search for the word lake which was written twice.  

meaning to a scribble.  I love it!
When my daughter was little we would do writing activities everyday.  I am actually not sure if this activity is healthy or not for children's art development because of all the meaning they have to put into their art work, but it was wonderful to me.  What we would do was sit down with kids story art paper and I would have my daughter draw something.  Then afterwards I would ask her to tell me the story about her artwork.  It was beautiful to understand some of the things that were in her four year old brain.  Try this with your preschooler to see what they are thinking and feeling.


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  2. This is a great idea. I particularly love the pictures of Ally and Dad on opposite sides of the lake - too sweet.


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