Mystery Message Painting

This was a fun experimental type art project for all my children to do.  There are a few things that didn't work, but for the most part it was fun, easy and exciting to do.

First you need to mix 4 tablespoons baking soda to 4 tablespoons water.  Be sure to remix often as it separates for the best results.  
 Taking a q-tip dip it into the mixture and create a message or drawing on white paper (next time I would use a thicker paper that absorbs more paint.)
 The message will disappear when it is dry so be sure to mark somewhere on the paper who wrote the message and who they want to give it to.
 Once the soda/water drawings are completely dry set them up with some watercolors for the kids to paint over the top.
 The kids will have a great time finding out what their siblings and mother said to them in the mystery messages.

I found with mine that it was hard to see some of the messages.  Mostly the ones that were done last.  I think this was due to not mixing the water/soda mixture up as we went along.  Also the messages did not stay on the paper after time.  As the watercolor dried up the message was gone again.  The paintings were pretty however without the messages.  Next time I would definitely use thicker watercolor paper instead of printing paper as well.
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  1. Such a fun idea! And pretty outcome too :) I wasn't even sure how they would come out - would it resist the watercolor? nope... it enhances it! beautiful!

  2. I love this my oldest will have a blast making these :)

  3. Ooh how clever idea! Never knew you could do that with milk! How fun! Especially for the older kids too!

    Thank you again for linking to Kids Get Crafty! So fab to see you over at Red Ted Art, hope to see you again!


  4. @ Red Ted Art: Not milk, it is baking soda and water mixed.

  5. Cute idea! Does it appear when it gets wet again?


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