Let The Children Play

Although I live in a very small (920 sf home), we also have a river that runs through our backyard.  So I take the good with the bad.  Having a river in your yard is amazing.  My kids have explored this river in the last nine months and found many treasures.  We have found tadpoles and later frogs, enjoyed salamanders, fed ducks and seen their babies grow, and of course got muddy and dirty.  Throwing rocks into the river is one of their favorite activities.

Yesterday we had a picnic in the yard and then I sat by the river as my two little ones just got to be kids.  I closed my eyes for a time and just listened to the river and had peaceful thoughts as the sun soaked my body.  Spring is healing my winter blues every day and I am so glad for it.

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  1. Oh, a river! In the backyard! My childhood dream exactly! Those pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the idea of you shutting your eyes and soaking in the sun and the sounds (and I love the sound of water). Taking the time, taking in the moment. So special—thank you :)

  2. A river in your backyard! That is just fantastic, I would be picnicing there daily.

    Love it.

  3. Wow! How lucky!!! I have a drainage ditch in my backyard and get all the unwanted visitors, yuck!
    Beautiful pictures, I know throwing rocks into the water would be a hit with my kids too :)

  4. Just an afterthought, it would be really neat to take some natural paint back there and have a rock painting party!!!

  5. Hi,
    So happy to find you blog today! :)
    This particular post caught my eye as the pictures look breathtaking! A river running along the backyard sounds like a fairytale story for us living here in Delhi in high rise apartments! Shie..
    Your kids are having so much fun and naturally!
    PS: LOved the texture collage as well. :)

  6. Sounds fabulous, and looks fabulous great photos.

  7. My two boys love throwing rocks into the river, too. Except that we only get to the river once a year! What a fantastic place to explore nature every day!

  8. Oh, to have your very own river in your very own backyard! The play possibilities! Lucky children.


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