Texture Collage

My son needs to be entertained at all times or he whines and complains to watch television or play computer games.  It gets a little tedious but when I get in and play with him life seems to be a lot better for us all.  Yesterday when he came to me and said "Can I watch television?"  I quickly pulled out some paper and said, "No, we are going on a treasure hunt!"  He got excited at that.  Then I talked to him about textures and how they are everywhere.  I then asked him to help me go around the house and find textures to rub onto paper.  We found textures all over inside, but when we went outside there were far more textures everywhere.  He had a hard time doing the rubbings himself so I ended up doing most of the rubbings, but he did the finding.  After he found three pages full of rubbings, I told him to cut them out in any way he wanted and make a picture (collage) onto another piece of paper. I had to cut the shapes for my 2 year old, but she loved gluing them onto her paper.  This activity kept my little tv addicted guy entertained for about 45 minutes.  Then he announced he was done and wondered if he could watch television again?  AAAAAAAH!  I really need to find him a friend!

We found rubbing like this instead of rolling the crayon worked a lot better, but the crayons almost all broke
All our rubbings ready to cut
cutting the rubbings in any way the child chooses
I had to cut for my two year old, but I let her try too.  She mostly played with the scissors and tried to mimic me.  I mostly cut her rubbings into shapes and named all the shapes when I set them down for her.  Then she worked with the glue to put them on the paper.  
James' collage!  I asked him what his favorite textures were and we talked a bit about rough and smooth
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  1. I love doing rubbings, it's amazing how different textures stand out when revealed by crayon rubbing!

    I've awarded you the versatile blogger award
    check it out!

  2. Texture rubbings are so much fun - they are almost like magic for young children! Recently we used leaves to make rubbings, which had the added bonus of going on a leaf hunt beforehand. Thank you for sharing at the It's Playtime Link Up. I'm thrilled to be finding a wealth of play and creative blogs with learning experiences I can use with the kids at preschool.

  3. Adapting the idea to fit your kids :) Great work! I often find that a lot of the ideas/activities that we do, Henry can't do a lot of the work. I don't like to do it for him, but sometimes they're just not there yet. There's no harm in doing it for them to show them how its done - maybe the next time, or the time after that, they'll get the hang of it :)

    I love the textures James found! Looks like they'd be in places I'd never thought to look! Great way to explore - and to take it outside, so much more fun!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  4. wonderful project, thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, great to have you on board! And stay strong regarding limiting the TV, you can do it!

  5. I love this! I love that you are using your teaching at home. I too am a teacher by trade and now a stay at home mummy to a beautiful 9 month old... my blog is my story as I do mummy things. Can't wait to be able to blog all things craft/play as she grows more and more! I found you via Paint on the Ceiling.. looking forward to following your fun! Come see justfordaisy :)

  6. This is great! We need to try this soon! We go for lots of walks so one day I will have to remember some paper! I will put it by the door with crayons! Thanks for the inspiration!


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