Stick Puzzles

I am so glad for all the people who post at my Child Centered Art Party every Thursday.  Today I was excited to copy one of the fun projects that was shared last week.  This project is so simple and fun.  My kids loved it!

Brooke at Let Kids Create shared an idea called Stick Puzzles.  I have so many Popsicle sticks for my kids to create with (you can buy a huge package at the dollar store) that it was a perfect art activity for us to do at any time. I am sure we are going to do this over and over again.  It would even make a really cute present to someone.

James finished in about 4 minutes.  He was more excited to try to put it back together than to make the actual art work.

Ally spent a lot more time on hers.  Her detail was all made with a pen.  I was hoping for more color, but she wanted to use lots of blue!  That is the beauty of letting them create themselves.


  1. what a great idea- we've been saving sticks forever- a lot of ours have jokes on them too!

  2. This is lovely, my daughter would love this.Thanks for sharing.


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