Clean Art!


The other day I needed a minute to clean the kitchen and Grace was being clingy and hard.  I went to look for a quick art project for her to start and saw our chalkboard.  I went to erase it, but remembered this art activity just in time.  With a bowl of water and a paint brush she was entertained just long enough for me to finish my work.

And she was happy!!

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  1. That's fantastic! :)
    And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one whose toddler can be "clingy and hard" some days!...today being one of them!


  2. those are the days, right?? i know how you feel though. some days are tougher than others, huh? we used to take the kiddos outside at the center i worked at to "paint" the side of the building. if you get a sec, i'd love if you linked this up to my party this week :P http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com/2011/06/tip-toe-thru-tuesday-5.html


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