10 Embroidery Thread Projects

For the summer I bought my daughter a kit of embroidery thread for making friendship bracelets.  It came with so much embroidery thread I got to thinking of other art type projects we could do.  Now we are going to have a summer of embroidery!  Here are the 10 things we are going to try and do this summer:

1.  Learn embroidery stitches for a wall hanging:
I think we will make something like this from Mary Corbet's Needle n' Thread.  I like the idea of learning all the basic stitches first.  
2.  Make Embroidery Greeting Cards:
So pretty and old fashioned from Craftsylish
3.  We will embroider napkins for a gift for the grandmothers
I love the idea of doing a truck one too found at rarely there.  This can get James in on the action!
4.  Make a weaved pendant:
I love this pendant found at skip to my lou
5.  Make a wrapped ring:
So pretty from I love handmade

6.  Fix Up Ally's stained on shirts.
I saw this idea at Dill Pickle Picnic and think it would be a good solution for fixing up all of Ally's stained shirts
7.  Make some bean bags
I am not a fan of using the sewing machine, but these felt bean bags are easy enough for the kids to do and good for me since I don't like to sew.  I found these at Our Big Earth
8. I plan on embroidering some of my kids artwork -- or rather having them do it.
This idea found at Little Birdie Secrets is so wonderful for making your kids art come alive.

9. I have some wood letters for my kids with their first innisial that I need to do something with.  I think wrapping them in thread may be the trick.
Found at Beautiful Inspirations

10. And of course we are going to make lots and lots of friendship bracelets.
Ally has already started on her first one using a wheel method.  I think the way I made them as a kid is easier so I will be teaching her all types of ways to knot the thread into a bracelet.  
As well as one bonus boy project I am excited to share later this week with everyone!

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  1. What great ideas! I saw a girl Hannah's age at church today making a bracelet with this cool contraption. I hadn't even thought before that she was old enough. I definitely wan to try some of these things. Fun post!


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