I confess

I CONFESS we haven't done any share-able art in our household for two weeks.  It isn't because we are completely and totally busy, but it isn't because we are not.  With my daughter Ally home from school the kids just play and play and don't need much entertainment from me so the art production has been a minimal.
Only art picture I have taken in three weeks.  
I CONFESS even with the kids happy and playing with each other and me not on the computer much at all, my house is the messiest it has ever been.  I have no motivation to clean it up and I keep starting new projects that I don't finish, just adding to the mess.  
Kids making a mess play house under the table. 
I CONFESS that yesterday I ate an entire box of cookies all by myself.  I didn't realize I was eating so many until I went to grab one more and found that the whole box was all gone.  Then today I bought another box of the same cookies only to realize they are 1 cookie per serving and 120 calories per cookie.  Boy am I in trouble.

I CONFESS that my children would never survive if I home schooled them.  I planned on doing summer school work with them everyday.  We have done it a total of three times this summer.

I CONFESS that we have gone to more parks, playgrounds, zoos, and other fun places in the last three weeks than we do in an entire month normally.  The kids are loving it, but it is also adding to my laziness since I am not home and then I am so tired when we do get home that I do nothing.

Washington DC
DC Zoo
I CONFESS that my husband has only had one real meal cooked by me in the last three weeks.  He doesn't seem to mind eating cereal and other sub par dinners, but I am sure he is rolling his eyes at this behind my back.  I am lucky to have him and his easy going way or I might be in trouble.

Kids and their daddy on Father's day
I CONFESS that I have had more babysitters here in the past month than I have had in over a year and I really like it even though it has cost an arm and a leg.  I loved getting dressed up to go out on a dinner date with my husband and I have enjoyed the adult conversations I have had that have seriously been lacking in my life the last year.  
dressed up to go out
I CONFESS that I am so glad that my yard is done and I am enjoying taking pictures of all the birds that come more than anything.  I have sneaked outside and not told the children several times, just to sit and think and take pictures of birds.  I am always sad when the kids find me and disturb the peace.  
I built the boarder to the play area and my husband planted new grass and put in wood chips under our play areas
My bird feeders
Three different birds at a time!  Male Cardinal, house finch, and white breasted nuthatch

I CONFESS that I hope I don't lose lots of readers from the lack of posts.  I was really enjoying the comments and camaraderie I was feeling before I went MIA.  

I CONFESS that I don't know if things will get better, but I am going to try.  Hoping to do at least three art related posts and activities a week and be more involved with my kids and household again soon.

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  1. Enjoy your time! Family & life come before blogging and I think we all understand that (hopefully, but I know I do, haha!)

    It's been crazy & hectic for me as well! Summer is a whole different routine (or lack of) and it definitely affects blogging but the good news is we are all going through the same thing!

    Bernadette - Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

  2. your play area is lovely- My monkeys would be all over that.

  3. Laura, I feel like you worry way too much. The summer your kids are having sounds AMAZING! Besides, you have how many weeks left? You have plenty of time for art projects and summer school work; the first few weeks of summer are the ones where you don't have to FIND things to do, so you may as well let that play out and save the organized stuff for later when the novelty runs out. :)

  4. I'm glad you have been so busy!!! It seems like the summer is just flying by. We haven't done a ton either, but we have been going way more places than usual - just post that on your blog so we have something to read ;)

  5. Sometimes it's just great to let life take over and enjoy!

  6. I love your confessions and confess I am similar and will try out some of the others

  7. Yay babysitters!! Great post!

  8. that dress is THE cutest!! you look beautiful. also, i love your backyard! what a nice place to spend time as a family. our backyard is a bumpity slope downward that's only good for sledding...


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