Making Sculptures

My oldest misses out on a lot of the fun that we do in the day because she is at school.  Often she comes home and sees a project and wants to do it right away too.  After seeing our nature prints, Ally really wanted to do them too.

Since I thought it was a bit too hard of a project even for an older child, I suggested she just use some of the clay to make a sculpture.  I called my son in too thinking he would want to do something as well.  He soon lost interest.  I may have to try again soon with him, but it mights just be that sculpting is hard for a preschooler and much more suited to children older than kindergarten.
Within minutes she had a plan
rolling balls
making little legs
Almost done
She wanted to write on it so I gave her some type of dowel I had in my nail polish supplies.
took about 24 hours to dry completely
Painting it the next day
A Cat for Maggie
by Ally

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