Sand Art

James sees art opportunities everyday.  I think doing so much art with him helps him to think more creativity about some of the things we would normally throw away.

My mother gave us some sand art kits and after making the sand bottles we had left over sand.  James said he thought we should use some glue to stick it to paper.  So I let him at it.
He made just a few shapes
squeezing the glue was a little hard
I put the sand in an old spice jar, but it still came out way too fast

I love that my child sees left over things as art supplies.  After going to a park that required an wrist band put on our wrists, he said to me as I cut it off, "mmmm.... I think we could make something out of this."  What a kid!


  1. I just voted for you on top mommy.
    This is a cute idea. Loving your blog!
    Could you follow me back and say hi. I am a Mom too :)

  2. I love sand art, except I have only done it outside - you are brave. We dyed our sand with food coloring, the kids loved it and so did our 10 year old neighbor.


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