Dry Erase Art

I have our dry erase markers up high so Grace, my two year old, has to ask for them in order to create on our board.  She has taken a liking to drawing on the board often and now growls very loudly through the house, "where is my markers!"   It is really cute.  She likes to fill the entire surface, erase and then start over again.  I love watching her eye/hand coordination as she goes to work. I see lots of things in her paintings.  I can't wait for her to start seeing the things I see in her shapes and squiggles.  Do you see the person I see in the first and second art work?

When children learn to draw eventually they start to see things whether intended or not in their art pieces.  This starts them into developing drawings that are more realistic and not just scribbles.  I do love the squiggles, but I also love to see the way a mind works as they try to draw realistically too.  

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  1. big girl getting those circles! i love watching children's development of writing/drawing. it's so interesting to see how they all develop the same just at different paces.

  2. I do see the person! She is SOOO cute...your little mini me :] BTW, I love white board art simply because mistakes are so easy to fix and it's a paper saver :]

  3. Love dry erase! I never noticed she is a lefty! Too cute!


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