Foam Tub Art

Ever since we did window foam art, I have had all our geometric foam shapes in a basket in our family room.  The kids have chosen to put them back on the window about 5 times in the last two or so months.  I think they have fun doing it, but our window is above a couch and they have to climb and it is hard to not get water everywhere so I think they chose to not do it.

Then three days ago I was rotating the toys in our living room baskets and before I put the foam in our recycle art bin I threw about 20 or so pieces into the tub.  Since then I have had several art pieces to look at everyday when I shower and I am loving it.

What I have learned from this
-- Kids do better when they have less to work with.  When I did the window art, I cut up so many pieces of foam it filled a large basket.  Working with only 20 or so pieces seems to bring out more of the creativity in my children.  I always tend to go overboard.  We have too many toys, too many art supplies, too many movies, too many of everything.  I often think if I got rid of all our toys but a few my kids would actually play with their toys more.  I find James plays with random objects like my magnets on the fridge more than any of his toys anyway.  Ally, I think likes to create her own toys, and Grace does what the other two do.  I need to learn to simplify in life.

Sidenote:  Remember you can buy foam in a pack at the Dollar Tree if you live near one.  One pack will be plenty of fun for your little ones.

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  1. Laura,
    I'm loving those foam art your kiddos made. What a nice sight to devour during your shower!

    And yes, I agree - less is more when it comes to toys. And, they will often play with stuff that we adults never think of as toys!
    Recently, I gifted a toy to my little niece. Within minutes, the toy was abandoned and the packaging it came in engaged her for an hour or so!

  2. I like this idea! I think we'll have to make a stop at the dollar tree soon.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog hop!
    Mama Dani

  3. This is so fun! My girls LOVE playing in the tub! I need to do this and we have a dollar tree down the block! SCORE!

    Tanks for another fab idea linked to the Sunday Showcase - I will be doing this one for sure!



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