Baby Painting

I hear from lots of my friends how crazy they think  I am to let my two year old use paint independently.  I do keep watch of her, but she very much has free reign.  I in turn think my friends are crazy never to let their kids explore with paint especially with so many washable options out there.

Today Grace had a go at easel painting.  I was impressed with what she did in the end.  I first set all my colors out with some egg cartons cut up for putting the paint into.  I let her chose the colors.  At first she just chose pink and purple.

Then she asked for some yellow.  It was great because I didn't realize she knew her colors, but she was naming them all as she put them on the paper.  She also started doing circles (a lot) this week and it was fun to see her do them so nicely with the yellow.

After yellow she asked for a little blue and green.  I wanted to stop her at the yellow because I didn't want her painting to get muddy, but I resisted and let her just explore.  She chose to stop before it was muddy all on her own.

I think I have another budding artist in my household!

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  1. You are an awesome Mommy! I have started my kids with painting at 2 yrs old too. I think Mother's who are too worried about messes are really missing out!!

  2. We started with high chair tray painting once we started weaning - it was with vegetable puree paints, and a flour based homemade paint. Now that my little one is 23 months he paints regularly using poster paints, and finger paints - we're working on stamping with paints at the moment as brush work is a little too much for him at the moment.

  3. My 2-yr-old loves to paint! In fact, she usually participates in all the art projects I do with my 4-yr-old. She loves to do any sort of arts & crafts and I have fun watching her!

  4. Try them with collage too. You'll be amazed at some of the patterns or non patterns that are made. If you don't want to use glue try it with paint or even 'contact' that u cover your books with (less mess for those who aren't into messy activities!)

  5. My 2 year old loves to paint as well. I am so glad I'm not the same mess-conscious mom I used to be. It's so fun to see them discover new things and enjoy doing it!

  6. Have her do a smaller version and send to me so I can frame it. I am putting my grandkids art on the wall of the play room. I need one from James too.


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