Make your own pretend play area

This week from the art party, I let my 7 year old look at everyone's ideas and decide which one she liked the best and wanted to repeat.  As stated yesterday, she loved NurtureStore's Popcycle Playground art idea best.

After she picked this idea, I told her she had to be brave and use a glue gun by herself.  My kids are terrified of the glue gun.  She really wanted to do it and so she braved the glue gun.  (Her father wasn't pleased when he came home, but I was glad she was doing it on her own.)  Ally is rather clumsy and doesn't look where she puts things, kneels or walks.  Needless to say she burned herself plenty.

First we found a really good box in our recycle box and then gathered the pop cycle sticks.  I looked into her toys and found some polly pocket cats that would be good to play with so she made the playground fit for these characters.
She really used her imagination to make the playground 
A swing.  I helped her make it work.  She was trying to glue the string on.  

A slide
Monkey bars and a sandbox
I am thinking next she needs to make a polly pocket play house to go with her animal playground!  Thanks for the idea NurtureStore!

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  1. My girls are going to be so thrilled when I show them this tomorrow! Great monkey bars and swing. So pleased you enjoyed our idea :)

  2. My oldest loves creating stuff just like this. I have several boxes made into houses and such.

  3. Jus love it ...absolutely wonderful n creative ..

    - Smita
    (fun foods for lil ones)

  4. What a fun, creative, activity! My kids used to love being creative like this when they were younger. :) Thanks~April

  5. what a fun & creative activity! She did a fantastic job!


  6. What a fantastic job, Ally has done, Laura! I love her imagination and creativity in this. Kudos to her for conquering her fear of glue gun. though, I hope she doesn't get hurt next time as much as she did with this project. Love your playground, Aly! :)

  7. What a wonderful playground! I would love to play there.

  8. What a wonderful playground! I would love to play there.

  9. So fun! I have to admit that my girlies have been using the hot glue gun independently for a shockingly long time. Honestly, there's just no better glue for helping them make their cardboard/stick/tin can/button/aluminum foil creations come to life.


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