Handpainted Garden Chimes

Earlier this week my kids made me some garden chimes for my garden.  This is a simple dollar store craft that has been a nice addition to our yard.  
I found some bamboo wind chimes at Dollar Tree 
I got out all the paint and let the kids choose whatever colors they wanted.  Both of my children only chose two colors each and it wasn't any surprise to me that Ally's were pink and purple and James' were blue and orange.  Do your kids have favorite colors they stick to with a passion?  Mine sure do.

James' chimes
Ally's chimes
Once the paint dried we hung them outside in our yard.  They make a really fun woodsy sound.  The kids get a thrill everytime they hear them when the wind blows.  I love looking over and watching my birds, hearing the wind, and soaking in the joy of nature.

Come back tomorrow to learn about that bird bath and how my kids helped me put that together too.

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  1. I love bamboo wood chimes, what a fun project. They turned out great!! ~April

  2. What a fun project for the kids. I bet they love seeing them on display out in your garden. My 4yr old loves red, everything always has to be red!

  3. What a great keepsake. This would be a wonderful idea for presents for the kids to give to family members. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a fun summer time project! Thanks for linking it up to The Sunday Showcase!


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