Make your own bird bath

My daughter and her friend helped me create a birdbath for my garden.  For this birdbath you need a pot holder, an old light fixture, broken glass, and sand grout.  I have been planning this art project out for months and had a rough time finding everything I needed.  Originally I wanted it to cost less than $5, but I ran into trouble.  The light fixture I found at a construction resale store for $1.  The broken glass I found at the Dollar Tree for $1 a bag and we used two bags.  The sand grout I bought at Home Depot for $10 (they didn't have small sizes to buy so it was costly.)  The plant holder I thought I could find at a thrift store, but after months of looking often I finally bought it for $15.  All in all this project cost about $27 dollars and I have lots of left over grout.

First I had my daughter and her friend work out the design they wanted on the light fixture with the broken glass decorations.  Then I used a glue gun to get all the decorations stuck to the light fixture.

Following the directions on the grout package, I added the grout and let sit for a half hour before wiping clean.  Then I waited an additional 24 hours until I put it outside with water.
Now I am just hoping for a visit from a feathery friend.

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  1. It looks great! Did you glue the bowl to the ant stand?

  2. this looks great and must have fun to put together! Even if it doesn't work or last (as stated in your other post) - that memory you created is priceless :)

    thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase - we always look forward to your creative ideas. See you next week!



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