Collage Suncatchers

Our front door window has been needing some art for some time now and suncatchers are so easy and fun to make.  I used the same method as when we did our animal collage.  This time I ripped up a bunch of tissue paper into little pieces for Gracie to put onto the contact paper in a collage style art work.  

 Gracie kept crumpling the paper into smaller balls rather than laying it flat, but it still worked just as well in the end.  I would have liked her to fill the entire area, but she was done before that happened.  And it still turned out beautiful.  I cut the papers down a little smaller because I wanted to use some smaller left over contact paper pieces I had waiting for a smaller project.  The end result was beautiful!

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  1. my bubba just made a turtle one of these the other day! i love stained glass collages. clear contact paper is one of the best things ever invented :)

  2. Great idea! I did this yesterday and it was so fun. I did a write up on my blog and linked over to you.



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