Mosaic Suncatchers

 My oldest and her friend ran up the stairs as me and the baby were creating her collage sun catchers.  They had to get in on the action so I set them up with their own area to create.   
 The end result was a little more of a mosaic than a collage.  I loved what they came up with.  Isn't it interesting when you have two kids of the similar age together that they often copy each other and do almost the same piece of work?  For a day or so I thought about this.  I wondered if it was good or bad for kids to do the same thing.  I think it is a good thing.  In copying and collaborating on ideas they may step outside of their own boxes more and see the things they can do and maybe even do things differently than they did before.  In other ways it is bad because they aren't being as creative and uninhibited as when they were younger.  They may see other kids that draw lots of hearts and flowers and think this is how they should be drawing.  I have seen in Ally my oldest the influence of school on her art.  For her it is a good thing because she is so timid in her art work.  For my James, I will be sad if his drawings start changing because he learns he does it different than everyone else.  I hope he won't lose his Picasso-esque art abilities.
Ally loved her sun catcher displayed on her window.  It makes the room so cheery.

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  1. I love it :) I understand the good and bad of that as well... hopefully James will see that his art is special and not let go of it :P

  2. Great idea. Your kids will never lack for something to do - you have oodles of ideas to keep them busy!! MOM

  3. How does one vote for your blog again. I am a little dense when it comes to stuff like this. I clicked on the side bar is that all I have to do?

  4. I love the 3-D effect with the twisted paper. I have never seen that done before! So creative!


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