Tape Resist Art

Have you ever done resist type art?  It is art where you use two different materials that will resist mixing with one another.  Lots of people do crayon resist, or glue resist type art projects.  I really like tape resist because I am really fond of nice straight lines and the geometric shapes it can create.

I started working on my own tape resist art knowing it would get the kids interested since art has been far from their minds this summer.  Soon the kids soon were all around me looking at what I was doing.
Grace, my youngest grabbed a marker and started helping me.  I asked them if they wanted to do it as well.  My girls were eager.  James wanted to do something else which is very normal for him.  So he made mazes instead.
 Grace, my two year old liked sticking the tape in different areas, but she didn't get that the point was to color on the paper parts.
 I couldn't take the tape off her drawing because much of her art was done right on the tape.  This may not be the best baby art or maybe next time I do it she will color on the paper.  Who knows?
 Ally, my seven year old really liked the idea.  I like how she put her tape on in different ways than I never would.

Her drawing before taking the tape off
and after.  So nice and clean and pretty.  
My artwork before
And after
 As you can see my project didn't work very well.  We actually took the tape off mine first and I was sad as the paper ripped and came off as well.  I used a thick watercolor paper thinking the tape wouldn't stick so strongly to it and I even tested it to see and it seemed fine.  My suggestion is to not press super hard if you use masking tape and take it off really carefully.  We took Ally's off very slowly because she was super worried about it failing like mine.  Hers worked great.  Next time I am going to go buy some painters tape to see if that would work better.  Anyone done this and found a paper/tape combination that worked well?

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  1. We have yet to try any type of resist art. This looks like fun, and I love how simple it is!

  2. i haven't! we tried this awhile ago and i used that clean-remove blue painter's tape thinking it would come off pretty slick. it ripped the paper too. i checked on one of my fave sites "mrs brown's art class". she uses masking tape on heavy duty watercolor paper, like you suggested. she said, that they stuck it to their clothes first to get some of the "sticky" off.

  3. Aww those are fun! We use painters tape, it stays on firmly when drawing, but peels off easily when you are done :)

  4. Those are so beautiful! Yeah, we have done it too and Pari loves this activity. But, haven't done in past couple of months. We might as well it today... :) Thank you for the remidner!

  5. Going to try it right now. Than ks

  6. We always use thick water color paper or scrapbook paper and then you have to buy the cheap masking tape. I think the ones from Dollar Tree work for this purpose. We also create borders/frames on our artwork this way and it helps hold it in place while painting. Hope it helps :)

  7. I've done tape resist art once with Henry - we used painters tape (I never seem to have masking tape around) - and we painted it though. And I was impatient and probably removed it too early. It ripped the paper a little - but not too bad. I think if it wasn't wet, it would've been better - or if we used crayons like you did. I'd give it a try.

  8. Beautiful work. Thanks for another great idea to do with my kids when they are older. I am pinning to pinterest now.

  9. I am in love with your blog! These are great simple ideas :) Love LOVE it!

  10. I am pinning this! Love the effect! Will try it with regular tape and painters tape too.

    Vicky @ http://messforless.blogspot.com


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