Wall of Art

 Unfortunately our driveway isn't flat and is made up of pebbles so it is really hard to use chalk on.  Luckily, my children got creative and figured out a solution.  I was thrilled to walk out to this after leaving my kids to play for a bit on their own the other day.  Can't figure out why I hadn't thought of it myself.

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  1. Hi Laura, I am an art teacher who works with the upper primary and secondary and I love what you are doing with the little ones. I have presented at the annual C&K conference and the child centred approach is spot on. Sometimes, though, it can be hard for parents to step back and let the process take precedence over the final result. Love your blog and am now following! Uber Savvy Buzzword features some older childrens' art projects so stop by if you get a chance. Lynda

  2. I love this, I wish I had thought of this solution at our old house. They all look so proud of themselves!

  3. i love this idea. maybe we could do this on the side of our house or in our garage??

    i would love if you would share this at my tip-toe thru tuesday party (open until friday)



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