Baby Art:

Been a few days since I posted.  I am still around.  My older kids started school this week and I got a couple jobs!  I am keeping really busy.  Since it is just my two year old and me at home now I am pretty sure the focus of my blog will change to a lot of baby art.  I have some great ideas for things we will be doing.

Here is my initial list:
Finger panting
bread dough shaping
paper stain painting
painting with funny objects
magic paint bag painting
rainy day painting
goop making, play dough making
leaf art
stringing beads on pipe cleaners
bingo bottle drawing 
collage work
stick on art during a nature walk
sticky tape art
making natural building blocks
easy scissor activities
wheels printing
string block printing
play dough jewelry
anything play dough related
funny eye drawings
wax paper art
make waxed leaves
paper bag vest decorating
make homemade napkin rings
picture frame magnets
make picture soap
shaped bird feeders
face painting
and lots lots more.

What do you think we should do first?  What things have you done with your babies?  Share your posts in the comments if you like.

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  1. I love the list - I have a 2 year old (just turned 2) and our list is very very similar his favourite at the moment is sticking, stickers (I get magazines with stickers in and find sticker books in our pound shops) and anything that he can get temporarily messy with. I'm hoping to start some 3D art with him soon - castle making maybe good as we have one fairly close to us to visit first


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