Bingo Dot Art

Bingo markers make the funnest art for little ones. I found some markers at the dollar store a long time ago and finally brought them out for creating.  I loved watching my two year old figure out how they worked.

Looking over her new product
Once it started working she said "Cool!"
She couldn't be happier
She used it like a marker and was amazed that it also drew lines.  she said "Wow!"
Then she went crazy!  She made heavy marks making it splash
A masterpiece for our wall
Bingo markers are a definite must have supply.  If you don't have some keep a look out for them and buy a few colors.  Your little ones will thank you.  


  1. your dollar tree is way better than ours. i looked for some of these, but all they had were black... i love that "aha!" look on her face!!

  2. I think all our dollar store has Is black, too. I guess I'll need to go check again. This looks like fun!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Flutter By Fridays, Laura! We love using the dot markers, we received the Do-A-Dot kind as a gift one year, they are a great mess free activity to set out for when Mom is busy with laundry or dishes etc. It's nice to know that when those run out we can check the Dollar Store for replacements!

  4. I love dollar store finds!

    Thanks for stopping by for Flutter By Friday!
    Danielle @ Mama Dani's Musings

  5. We just purchased some of those bingo markers a couple weeks ago at our Dollar Store and I can't wait to let the kids try them out like this! What a fun activity!

  6. I love the look on her face, and I also love that she used only purple. I think it is a wonderful phase when kids paint/draw with just one colour.

  7. Thank you so much for linking at LINK YOUR MESS!

    I love bingo dabbers. We use refillable ones from Discount School Supply. Endless possibilities! :)

  8. I love the look of concentration on her face as she works out how she's going to use them

    Lovely to see you at the Play Academy.

  9. We love them at our house too. They last forever.

  10. my girls LOVE their bingo daubers! :) We use them often and they are great! She looks like she had so much fun!!!!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase!



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