Dress Up = Performing Arts

Oh there is such joy in letting kids dress up. They get to be whoever they want. Pretending gives kids so much power! We have a lot of dress ups. My daughter had an old dresser that was not looking nice and a lot of the drawers were breaking. I was going to throw it out and realized it was perfect for storing all our dress ups. Some of the drawers are hard to close but it works great. It makes the clothes very accessible to the kids, but also once cleaned up they are unseen and although un-neatly placed in the drawers no one would know the better.

I have seen other ideas around the web that are wonderful as well.  Having the play clothes in drawers can be limiting since they are not out to see and inspire.  I found some beautiful ideas of storage with hangers.
I actually don't like the idea of having kids hang them up on hangers.  I think they are hard enough for me to finagle.  I find stuffing in a trunk or box under the bed or an old dresser like I have to be the most logical solution.  But if you love cute and don't mind picking up after your kids you can consider some of the really cute dress up play area ideas like these:
This is an old bookshelf with shelves taken out and a simple tension rod  added from birmingham mommy
Full instructions for this cute child size dress up closet found at craftiness is not optional
My two year old dresses up almost every day. She creates herself anew! This artistic expression of her clothing gives her so much joy and freedom. Expression of oneself through dressing is one way I feel I can empower my children to be the most creative persons they can be. Dress ups do not need to be expensive or elaborate. Scarves, old sunglasses, old Halloween costumes (I buy mine at yard sales), vintage clothing found at thrift stores, hats, old sunglasses, old cell phones, even moms old shoes works wonders.  I also find going into stores after halloween is over to be a great time to stock up on dress ups.  Simply start collecting and let the kids at them. 

Those pictures all show store bought costumes.  They tend to be the ones that my kids go for since they are bright and beautiful, but if you really want to foster creativity in your child you can not be like me.  Instead of store bought go for the old clothes and scarves and such.  My moms dress ups at her house includes vintage clothes and homemade skirts and tops out of the craziest materials.  Her dress up closet is always a huge hit when my kids get to visit her house.

Oh and dress ups aren't just for girls:

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  1. We've got our dress ups in a broken dresser, too. Although gorilla glue has temporarily fixed it :-) I have also considered the hanging thing to be neater, but then have come to the conclusion it would be more work for me. Most of our dress ups were given to us and my girls really enjoy them nearly every single day. I have bought a few from thrift stores though and walmart clearance after halloween.

  2. You have so much fun at your house. Other than trying on our shoes JDaniel has discovered dressing up yet.

  3. i saw this link on it's playtime and thought this was g's cute little face!!! i love dramatic play! especially to see what they come up with. love the little boy in heels, too!

  4. Hi, I just discovered your blog! I love it! The final picture made me smile! I love the green high heels-- so adorable! We have a little friend (soon to be 4) who lives to dress up-- when he comes home from "school", he likes to put on his suit best of all. Most people look forward to putting on sweats!

  5. Oh how I wish I had your dress up closet when my kids were young. Such a great idea. It keeps everything contained.


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