Twistable Crayons and stickers

Art time
The other day we had a friend over and I needed something to entertain the two kids quick.  Have you ever tried twistable crayons?  They are so smooth and slick.  A lot more like oil pastels than crayons.  I love using them with toddlers.  At one point the two kids were going to town banging the crayons on the paper to make dots.  It was fun to see them mimicking each other and learning from each other at the same time.
Art time
After a minute of coloring they seemed bored so I added to the mix with some stickers.  My Grace had to have a new piece of paper.  Mixing mediums wasn't her thing on this particular day.  With stickers I like to keep my eye out for shapes.  They tend to be more artsy to me.  Nothing wrong with fun stickers of animals and such, but I love the simple shapes for some of the times we create.  
Art time Art time I
I liked how our friend mixed his mediums into a colorful art work.  Getting the stickers on the right way was a struggle, but his eye hand coordination got better and better each second!
Art time I
Have you given twistable crayons a try?  What did you think about them?

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  1. we've never tried them... i usually stock up on regular ones at the back to school sale for about .25/box. they write slicker? we may have to try them!

  2. Without question my favourite crayons ever. My toddler has no use for crayons anyways, but after his first box of twistables he won't touch the other ones. They're so much easier for him to use and actually see results from.


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