When life gives you a box....

Make Something!!
Cardboard upcycle

I love when my kids get mad at me for throwing away a box.  A box is certainly a great way to get kids to be creative.  I often save boxes for some of our creativity and sometimes my kids just grab boxes out of the recycle bin and make something on their own like this computer made by my son and daughter to play secret spy together.

My son has been begging and begging for a really big box.  He read a book about making a house out of a box and desperately wants to make one of his own. I need to try to find one.

Have you ever had luck getting a large box from a store for free?  
Where did you go?  
I would also love for you to share any links in the comments about a box project you have done.   

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  1. I love using boxes too, banana boxes are particularly good for kids to sit in. At my work with under fours we've been using them all week. I find that all I have to do is stand the banana boxes on their narrow ends and the kids gravitate to them and take it from there. Have you tried a whiteware shop for boxes? we can usually get fridge or washing machine boxes etc from our local outlet

  2. this is a related comment because it has to do with cardboard. That counts, right? I work at a company that uses big rolls of paper, and I have taken several of the very sturdy tubes home when the paper is used up. At 2 1/2, my grandson loves to put Matchbox cars thru the tube. We prop up one end and see which cars or trucks come out faster. I am sure other uses will come up as he gets older. Eventually I can imagine a potato cannon or something being our science project with these!

  3. I haven't done it yet, but I saw a cute post on making a car from a box. (Wish I could remember where.) They used a toilet paper roll for the exhaust pipe! Lorie @ Reading Confetti

  4. this is too funny, I remember making laptops out of boxes when *I* was a kid. Some things never go out of style ;)

  5. We just made haunted houses out of tissue boxes and kids meal boxes. It was so fun! We also just bought a telescope that came in a huge box and it's been sitting in the garage waiting for a rainy day. We haven't decided what we're going to do with it yet.

  6. Love boxes! So much potential...here is something my daughter and I did this summer with a humong-o box we had..

  7. that computer so creative! i used to work part-time for wal-mart. they've got huge boxes everyday. all you have to do is call and talk to a manager and ask them to set some aside for you. they should do it :)

  8. It is amazing how young children make things to look like computers. Many of my preschool students fold paper in half and say it is a computer. We have a theme week in the spring about careers and jobs. I set up an office in the housekeeping center. It is funny to watch them 'on the computer' and 'on the phone' and taking notes.

  9. cute- my little ones made a similar concept with playdough and rocks.

  10. Up next you need to make a Recycled Halloween village! http://www.craftprojectideas.com/index.php/how-to/seasonal-projects/halloween/692-recycled-halloween-village


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