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Are you a fan of me on Facebook?  No big deal if you are not, but I am super close to having 1,000 fans.  This is a big deal for me.  I remember when I first started my fan page saying to myself, "I will just be happy if I can get 100 fans."  When that came I kept putting it higher: 300, 500, 800.  Now as I approach 1,000 I am really actually for real happy about it.  All the other milestones just seemed too small to care about.  Because I am less than 50 fans away and hoping to do a giveaway when 1,000 is reached, I am asking if you are a fan and want to become one.  Just click here and then click the like button.  I post interesting posts from other bloggers as well as all my posts from my blog.  Sometimes I put a picture or a quote, but mostly it is just a place to share some of the artistic things in my life.  Hope you will consider being a fan today!  Thanks to all my fans so far.  I can't believe I am reaching this milestone and I am grateful to all the people that are allowing me to be part of your lives.  

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