Art For the soul: Pass It On

Today I was at Ikea buying a new wardrobe.  It was heavy and I was trying to load it into my van by myself.  I really wasn't sure how I was going to do it when a man stopped and helped me out (two people walked by before him.)  May have not been a big deal to him, but it was to me.  Maybe because I saw this video this week:

As I drove home from Ikea and off to Target and a few other errands I kept thinking about what I was going to do to pass it on.  I rehearsed in my mind things I could do.  If I see a person with a flat on the side of the road I always drive by.  I always feel that is a man's job to help.  Maybe not.  Maybe I can be of help in those situations.  I never leave a penny because I never take a penny.  Maybe I should be leaving some anyway.  I don't often take cookies to my neighbor for no reason at all.  Maybe I should.  Wouldn't it be fun to leave a quarter in the cart at Aldi for someone? Maybe it would make their day.  Or even put a few quarters on top of the gum ball machine to make some kids day!

I do a few things already that I hope make people want to pass it on.  I always let people ahead of me in the grocery line if they have one item and I have a thousand.  I always smile at strangers and people in stores.  This may be a fault of mine because many many times people assume I work in the store and ask me where something is.  Today I smiled at an old lady so much because she just wouldn't smile back.  I kept thinking if only she would smile back maybe she would feel a little more happiness in life.  Seriously she looked so sad.  I always slow down and let cars in front of me if they put their blinker on in heavy traffic.  I also try to never get mad or show annoyance after standing in line at a store or waiting too long at the bank.  It isn't always the workers fault.  

What do you do to pass it on?  
Are there small things you do each day that you hope puts a little light in someone's day?  Let me know.  I would love to have a list of things I am prepared to do for others in need.  


  1. Our church of 25 years in Fayetteville NC taught this often. RAK all in the name of Love! I love the video and may it go viral! I do this as often as I am able, from the smallest of things to some substantial things as well. May you and I and many we know recognize the ability that lies within us to offer a hand, pay for someones bubble gum, buy coffee for the ones in line behind us etc.

  2. Great post Laura. I think that the more we busy ourselves with helping others, the less time we have to think of our own troubles. It's a win-win :-)


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