The Art Of Play: Finger Puppets and literature

Puppet theaters are a great way for children to learn the art of story telling.  It also helps children to process the knowledge of things they have learned.  Puppet theaters can be as complicated or uncomplicated as you want them to.  Once I made a very simple one out of a spring shower rod and a curtain between a doorway.  I have seen others with much more complicated ideas as well like this circus one at make and takes.

On a smaller version finger puppets can be even easier to make.
finger play

This simple finger puppet theater was given to us by my mother.  She bought it at IKEA.  But how simple this would be to make out of cardboard as well.

Finger puppets seem to be everywhere.  From the dollar store to Ikea.  Making your own can be easy too.  I loved this idea from craft Jr making finger puppets from pipe cleaners. These waterproof ones from family fun are on my to do list.

Allison is my oldest and also a writer.  She loves to write stories and tell stories.  She made up a play about a spy and an even worse spy.  I think this picture shows much of the fun she was having!
finger play


  1. What a cute finger puppet theater. I have some finger puppets given to us by a neighbor. The kids might get more use out of them if we made a little theater.

  2. Little M has started getting "into" puppets. She would love this little puppet show and yes we could make everything in one morning... perhaps tomorrow morning!


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