Art For The Soul: Breath

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” 

Tea party

When did life get so complicated?  Did it happen? or is it in my mind?  Do I make everything more complicated than it needs to be?

Remember playing tea time as a little girl?  So simple, so easy.  No need for even liquid in the glasses.  Pretending works just fine.  No need to invite guests that may not show up.  Just fill your chairs with stuffed animal friends and you are good to go.

Do you have a time of rest each day?  A time for relaxation and thinking.  Sit and relax.  Breath in and out.  Savor a cup of something you love. This is something we all need from time to time.

I recently started going to a yoga class each day.  At the end of class we meditate.  We just get in a comfortable position and let our breathing slow down.  We relax, I repeat a mantra, some may just nap for a minute.  It is a time to take yourself out of the world.  Slow down.  Reflect.  The teacher has to at some point stop us from our meditations.  She doesn't do it abruptly.  She starts by saying,  "Open your eyelids, slowly let them adjust, breath in and out.  Now slowly move your body.  One limb at a time.  Breath in awareness to your surroundings.  To your life.  Breath out and feel good you took time for you.  You need it.  You deserve it."

Today at church the pastor spoke to the children about 24/7.  He told them about a good pastor friend of his who calls it 24/6 to remind everyone that there is need for a time out.  Need for a day of rest.  I think we also need times of rest each day.  I challenge myself and you to do this.  Have some tea, coffee, hot chocolate, a coke, or just a glass of water.  Sit without distractions.  Breath in, sip, breath out and repeat.   Take in the silence,  renew your spirit if only for a moment.

   “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
 Baba Ram Dass    


  1. This is beautiful!!! I find that when I sit and relax, my children draw to my sides like magnets. This means I don't do it often enough. I love your message.

  2. I really need to start taking some rest time - but during the day it's impossible I sit down and that is a signal for a book to be brought over or climb over mummy time and at the weekends it's all go go go... some time to reflect and think over things would be amazing.

  3. wow! I love the idea of 24-6!!!
    I will focus daily for a moment on my breathing.
    thanks for this nice post.

  4. Such a great reminder to parents. I agree it's okay to sit and just rest.

  5. I love this idea. It is important to have alone time for reflecting. I started waking up earlier and putting the kids to bed earlier and feel more functional now that I have some time to myself to just sit!

  6. I totally agree, Laura. Spending some quiet time with 'oneself' is so vital. It de-clutters our mind which is otherwise filled with noise from our own thoughts. The quiet time or the 'me time' fills us up with positive energy that we will radiate back to our kids and family.
    I try to grab my 'me time' as often as I can - by meditating, by doing art, reading or during the morning walk.
    Thank you for the reminder to keep doing. I loved reading your thoughts - beautifully expressed - in such a sincere way.
    The yoga class you've joined is a wonderful starting point. I can imagine you spending some quiet moments chanting mantra along the river that runs behind your backyard! What a picture of serenity it will be :)

  7. Oh I am so happy to read this article. Good on YOU Laura.
    You are beautiful and deserve all the best "YOU time".
    Keep on breathing and expanding together,

  8. This really is important! I have just reading books before bedtime. It is a great break.

  9. Love the idea of 24/6 - definitely something I need to keep in mind. Shared via Twitter


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