The Art Of Play: Watching Movies

Movie night

I am a lover of television and movies.  I enjoy being entertained by this type of art form.  And I think it truly is an art form.  From the time my kids were mere babies they have also developed a love for the entertainment that comes through a mesh of wires in a thin box.  I read lots of blogs and I admire families that don't have television in their lives.  I see value in that.  I see some of the craziness television causes for me in my life.  My kids beg for it.  They want it on all the time. I can imagine life could be more meaningful if we just took the television to the curb.  I am also a believer that if I don't allow something for my children that I shouldn't allow it for me.  I can't take away television from myself so I will not be taking it from them.  That is not to say I don't try to limit it.

Does television help your children?  I think it helps mine.  Often they will be watching something and their curiosity explodes.  They soon are cutting, paisting, and putting on a play.  My daughter started reading really young.  I attribute it to not only her genious, but to PBS kids and Leapster alphabet shows.  My sons art often reflects the video games and movies he watches.  I can see how some would think this to be sad.  Maybe his inspiration should come from going to the zoo, or playing outside, but he does that too.  Petronius said "Moderation in all things including moderation."  I like this saying.  Should we watch television all the time?  NO.  Can we once and a while?  SURE.  A day of television is something we do and enjoy often!  I feel as if I am letting you know a dirty secret in our home.  But when they watch it and make scenes like these I have to say, I love my children more than anyone could ever know.  
I mean what stuffed animal doesn't want to be leashed up by pipe cleaners for a movie night?
Movie night

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  1. I definitely agree with you on TV. Sometimes it's hard to ensure moderation. Brayden will sit and watch as long as I let him. At least he plays at the same time, like your kids. Right now, he's watching a show and playing with his marble run with Daddy. :)

    I love that picture of the stuffed toys leashed up!


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